Woman Made - Pru's Shoes

I am so amazed by how talented some people are, and quite often fall in love with their beautiful hand crafted items. 
So I thought it would be lovely to create a series of blog posts dedicated to these amazing ladies and their WoMAN made businesses.

I spent a lot of time avoiding other resin sellers, so I didn't unintentionally come up with similar ideas. I want my ideas to be my own and tried my best to not look at what anyone else was making with resin so I wasn't swayed in a certain way! It was tricky, especially when images would quite often pop up in craft groups. 
But this lovely lady decided to reach out to me one day, and I knew right away she was a little bit nuts like me! We bonded over a shared experience, and have been chatting ever since. It's actually really lovely to bounce ideas around, get advice from each other on certain resin issues and I honestly couldn't recommend anyone more than I do Donya. So I think it's only fair that she gets full attention in my first 'Woman Made' post. 

So here is what Donya had to say about her beautiful little business.

Hi everyone I’m Donya the owner of Prus Shoes. I’m a resin artist specialising in Bespoke Keepsakes.

Everything I make is made specifically for you using a variety of materials from horsehair, animal fur, human hair, photographs, ashes, wedding flowers, horseshoes and I've even set horse teeth (there’s not much I won’t cast, if it’s dry it’s going in)

You may notice a horsey theme here! 
I own 2 horses myself, Pru my Arabian ex racehorse and Thunder my little welsh mountain pony. Horses are actually how I started my resin journey...funny story! I cut my horses tail too short and it looked like he was wearing a thong, so thought I’d better do something with it as I felt really bad.
My business is named after Pru for this exact reason (I also work with horseshoes, so it ties in nicely)

I've been working with resin in the heart of rural Derbyshire for a year now and have grown my business to over 5000 followers in this time which I’m immensely proud of.
I started out making small Heart Keyrings containing my own horses hair and have progressed to setting whole bouquets and also customers own horseshoes. I love how versatile resin is, the possibilities really are endless. 
I really enjoy making to order and getting to know the stories and reason behind people having their keepsakes made. No two items are ever the same as I try to use as many personal things in my pieces as possible so it’s truly unique to you.

So that’s a bit about me... you're more then welcome to pop over to my page to have a look through some of the items I've made for people.

Thanks so much for reading, and if you would like to stay updated please click the subscribe or follow button to be notified when a new post has been published. 


  1. How wonderful, and totally unique items. I love how it all started with Pru!

    1. Aww I'm happy you enjoyed it! Her page is full of beautiful pieces x

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