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I love sharing fellow female business owners, especially at the moment with the world being so chaotic. It's been a bit crazy trying to deal with a business that needs to stay afloat during these times. I decided to close for a while, mainly due to my daughter being home who needs to be schooled and also demand all of my attention! :) so this is a big big shout out to all of you wonderful people out there, trying to navigate through these uncertain and stressful times, all while running a business, even if it's closed, the work and the stress doesnt stop. 

Luna Amatores

My next WomanMade feature is all about the fabulous Korin who makes the most beautiful jewellery, and it's sold through her shop Luna Amatores. I instantly fell in love with all that Korin makes, and I think you'll be able to see why! So here is Korin to tell you about herself and her work.

My name is Korin Thomson (previously Smith), I run Luna Amatores based in Carlisle, England. I’ve always been crystal obsessed, ever since I was a kid (for my 13th birthday I even asked for a crystal ball, which I still have over 10 years later!) and at the age of about 13 or 14 I decided to start creating crystal jewellery for myself. 

The jewellery I made then was very basic (eg a tumblestone put in a wire spiral on a chain) and it was just for myself. A few years later I started working with crystal chips & charms and began making stretch bracelets and simple necklaces for myself and my friends. Eventually I decided I wanted to be able to totally make pieces from scratch, which is where I discovered a method called electroforming (I’ve been using this method now for about a year and a half). 

Electroforming uses a mix of chemicals and electricity to plate (or form!) copper onto a conductive surface. It can also be done with other metals but I love using copper! Each piece takes a few days to make but I love each step of the process. I quickly discovered that anything can be plated in copper and I started creating pendants with leaves, twigs and sometimes ethically sourced bones. I love using little pieces of nature in my work! I like to base the majority of my work around nature or witchy themes (hence the coffin nails and planchettes!) because I feel that fits my personality best. 

I also realised that there wasn’t enough choice in the uk for pretty crystals to make jewellery with so I started working with suppliers and importing them myself. This has ended up with me now supplying other jewellery makers as well as crystal collectors (okay and fuelling my own crystal addiction!)

I have all sorts of pieces custom carved for me all over the world, which I never would have imagined as a kid. 

Everything I do is ran from my home office, but I hope to expand in the coming years and be able to do this full time (I currently work a full time job as well as running my business!). 

My absolute favourite part about running this business is the incredible customers I’ve met and friends I’ve made! It’s given me a whole new confidence that I didn’t think I’d ever have (I used to be seriously shy!). My least favourite part is how competitive and unfriendly other jewellery makers/crystal shops can be, that’s something I’ve only recently discovered as my brand has grown.

This year has been incredible so far, my jewellery is now available in a lovely shop in the Lake District and I’m working with a subscription box company to bring pieces to more lovely people in the near future! I’m really excited to see where I go from here!

I think you'll agree that Korin's work is stunning! I could buy every single piece that she makes! If you'd like to find Korin and her beautiful shop here are a few links. 

Thank you so much for popping by to read my blog! I will be looking for more fabulous woman made businesses to share, so please follow my facebook page to keep an eye out for when I'm next looking for someone to feature.

Jane x


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