Bottled Butterfly Pendant Tutorial

Hello lovely people!

I enjoyed making this pendant so much that I thought it would make a great tutorial for you all. You'll be able to follow written step by step instructions, as well as watch the video tutorial I've put together.
Gather up all you need by checking off the list below.

To make a bottled butterfly pendant you will need the following items:

*You'll also need the usual tools when working with resin. I.e scales, mixing pot etc.

The Safety Bit!
Don't forget to wear your gloves and apron. Cover your workspace if you don't want to get resin anywhere. Check with your resin supplier for safety information. Some resins need to be used in an outdoor area due to toxic fumes. 

Make sure your resin is mixed and ready to go, this step by step won't include the mixing resin part! If you're unsure on how to mix a 2 part epoxy resin, watch here to see me mixing with a 2:1 ratio

 Have everything you need close by. Also feel free to substitute with other kinds of flowers and leaves.

*Video Tutorial* 
So here's the video on how to make these bottled pendants. Feel free to check out the quick video tutorial. Step by step instructions will be written out below

Step 1:
First start by adding a sprinkle of dried nettle leaves. The toothpick will be helpful to move bits around while adding these small pieces. 

Step 2:
Using a tool/scoop add a small amount of resin inside the mould. Poke around with your toothpick to make sure the nettle leaves are submerged.

Step 3:
Break off small parts of dried moss, and add into the mould using your pokey tool/toothpick to get them into your desired placements, then add another small amount of resin making sure you pop any bubbles that appear.

Step 4:
Time to add the butterfly! In the video you'll see that I folded the butterfly down the centre, to give it a more 3D look as though its wings were flying. This is totally up to you though! When placing your butterfly into the mould, be mindful of the placement, and which side you'd like the butterfly to face. Keep in mind which side you'll be using as the front, and have the butterfly in front of any foliage you've added so it's on show. Add more resin, and fill almost to the top, just about level with the bottle neck.

Step 5:
You will now need to get hold of your cork top and eyepin screw. Dab a little bit of resin onto the tip of the eyepin and start to screw into the cork. Once in place you can add into the top of your mould with the eyepin circle facing the front of the pendant. The cork will more than likely float a bit and move around, so you'll  need to make sure the cork sets in the correct place. First add more resin if needed. Push the cork down slightly to see how full the mould is, and add more drop of resin around the edge of the bottle top.

Step 6: 
Place a toothpick through the hole of the eyepin (You may need to watch this part on the video above just to get a better view) The toothpick will be used to keep the eyepin in a certain place (with the hole facing forward!) Be sure to check for more bubbles, pop any you come across.

Step 7:
We don't want the toothpick to get set in the resin while laying across the top of the bottle mould, because once you pop it out there's a good chance the wood will be stuck, and/or will leave marks and imprints in the hardened resin. So this is where the blu tack comes in. Take 2 small pieces, and place on either side of the mould supporting the toothpick. This will raise the toothpick up from the top of the mould and stop it from setting in the resin. You don't need to raise it too much, but make sure you can see a clear space between the toothpick and the mould. Also use this time to make sure your eyepin is setting with the hole facing forward. Again, check video if a visual is needed.

Step 8:
Have a last check for bubbles around the rim up the top. Make sure the placement of the cork top is correct. Now take a tiny dab of resin and add it to the top of the cork. You'll want to make sure the cork has resin on the top and around the eyepin. This just helps to make sure that the cork has a good strength to it once the resin is set, and not brittle like cork usually is, and will strengthen the bond between the eyepin and the cork and make a better more sturdy pendant.

Step 9: 
Go grab yourself a coffee (or something stronger!) for a job well done! That's it! Let your pendant set for the recommended time set by the resin manufacturer. Once set and out of the mould just add some jewellery findings, and attach to cord or a chain to wear as a necklace.

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