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Its been a while since I last posted (sorry!) And during that time I've been thinking and planning a few things. I love sharing tutorials with you, but I'm struggling to find time to do new ones alongside the business and my job as a carer. So I'm sorry it's taking me so long. I'm really passionate about developing an online course for others to learn and create. So I thought it would be great for me to spend a good amount of time creating a course and tutorials that can be used by people wanting to learn each and every month. I don't want this to be half hearted either, so it's taking me some time to plan out the content. I'm definitely excited though!!  So, here's a brief update for you lot to show you where I am with all of this.  I am currently building up content for a new facebook group called Botanical Bootcamp, and will use that group as a base for the online workshop. The workshop will be based arou

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