Resin Heart With Flowers

Hi all! Sorry it's been a while since I last posted anything! I've been working hard behind the scenes creating content for my upcoming flower drying course. 

I've popped on to share a small easy to follow tutorial on how to make a resin heart using real dried flowers. Why not give it a go, using a silicone mould, or try a different shape. 

Resin Heart

So first up, let's go through the items you'll need to do this tutorial.

What you’ll need –

Silicone mould
Pokey tool / toothpicks
Dried flowers 
Small drill to make a hole 
Wet sandpaper or micro-mesh 

(You’ll also need all the usual tools when working with resin. i.e. scales, safety equipment etc.)

If you’re unsure on how to dry flowers there is a lot of info online to help, as well as videos on blogs and YouTube. Silica sand is a favourite of mine to use. Here’s a quick run through of what I do when drying flowers.
You’ll need a container of some sort. I like to use deep trays as they have more space to spread out. I add a layer of the silica sand so the bottom of the tray is covered. I then start to place the flowers onto the sand. Once you have laid out the flowers, being mindful not to overlap any, pour on more sand until the flowers are covered, and leave to dry for approx. 1-2 weeks. 

The time frame can vary depending on the different flowers you may be using. So have fun experimenting. You can also try hanging bunches upside to dry out, as well as flower and microwave presses... and don’t forget, you can buy dried flowers online too! 

Feel free to watch the video tutorial below, or scroll down to read through the written instructions! Enjoy 

Written instructions 

Step 1 

Get everything you need ready and within reach. Mix up your resin by following the instructions set out by your resin supplier. All resins should come with a set of instructions or a safety data sheet. Please read through this carefully if you are new to resin. There are so many brands all with different risks, so be mindful of this and wear PPE and use safety equipment when recommended, i.e. ventilator and masks. Remember to protect yourself and your workspace in case things get messy! 

The resin I use is a 2 part epoxy resin which needs to be mixed at a 2:1 ratio (this will differ depending on your resin brand) and I mix thoroughly for at least 3 minutes. I then leave it to the side for a minute or so for the 
bubbles to disappear.

Step 2 
Check your mould for any dust, then pour a base layer of resin into the mould. Be sure to 
cover the whole base, and then begin to add your flowers. Sometimes air bubbles can 
become trapped underneath the flowers, so by gently pushing down onto the flowers and 
swishing side to side it can help dislodge the air. This is where you get to be creative! 
Add the flowers in whichever spaces you like. Creating the design and layout is my most 
favourite part of the process. I’ve also included in this piece a handmade dragonfly 
printed onto laminate. I bend the wings slightly to give the piece some depth when finished.

Step 3
Look out for bubbles that may rise up, this is the time to pop them to be sure the air gets 
released before the resin cures. Once you’re satisfied everything seems ok you can leave this layer to cure. Flowers like to float in the resin which is why I like to work in layers. You want this layer to be set before adding the final layer of resin. All resins are 
different and will have different cure times, so check the information sheet supplied by 
the resin manufacturer.

Step 4 
Now that the base layer has cured you can add the final pour of resin. Top up the mould, 
make sure all flowers are fully covered, and the check again for bubbles. During this stage I also like to go over the resin quickly with my heat gun. Just a quick blast to remove pesky bubbles, and then job done! You can leave your piece to fully cure.

Step 5
Check that the resin is dry and ready to be removed from the mould. The edge of the 
resin on the back may be a little rough, you can sand the sharp rough edges down using 
wet/dry sandpaper or a fine micro-mesh paper. Once this is done you can drill a small hole into the heart shape and add ribbon or twine of your choice to finish off your piece.

There you have it.. one finished piece to gift or hang on your wall! Try to keep your flowers in resin away from direct sunlight. The sun can bleach the flowers quite easily! Some colours will lose their vibrancy over time due to this. Thank you for following along, I hope you’ve found this tutorial helpful and enjoyable. You can find more of my tutorials on the website 


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