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Hi! I am the face behind a shop called Maia and the Wildflower.  I live with my partner, Rich, and we have a little girl called Maia.  She's the crazy energetic tornado in my life, who bursts into our bedroom first thing in the morning and doesn't stop talking until she's drifted off to sleep at night.
For the past 9 months I have been making and selling resin jewellery. 
It took me a little while to get going, due to not knowing what the hell I was doing, and total lack of confidence in trying!
I watched loads of tutorials, stalked Pinterest and tried to learn as much as possible about the whole process. How to get rid of bubbles, what to do if this or that happens! There are so many different projects you can do with resin; it's such a versatile craft and so much fun! You'll be able to see why it becomes a bit of an obession, and I'm really looking forward to trying out new projects and sharing them with you.. good and bad!
Now I'm definitely not claiming to be some sort of expert.. far from it actually! I'm still learning, and I thought that it might be helpful to write a blog, and do a few tutorials while I'm trying to manoeuvre my way through this big resin adventure.
My plan for this blog is to show you what I've made, how I've made it, and for it to be a place to share tips, tutorials and ideas. I want to help as much as I can, and I also want to show you my epic fails!
Well, we all love a good giggle!

I want people to to be confident enough to create their own designs. If you're inspired by somebody that's great, but tweak it, and make it your own. Don't be afraid to experiment with colours and glitter, paints and flowers. 
So I hope whoever is reading this decides to hang around, even if it's just to giggle at my 'gone a bit wrong' disasters, but hopefully you'll fall in love with the craft just as I have.
Jane x


  1. Well done jane I look forward to reading. . N watchin ... xx claire steer xx

  2. Can’t wait to see your updates ��

    1. Im so happy to have even one person following me! Thank you!

  3. I am excited to learn how you make the things that you do. The things you've made so far are absolutely beautiful!!

    1. Aww how lovely! Thank you very much x


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