How to mix resin

Hi! I did it.. I made my first tutorial! 
Ok, it's a bit naff, and was a bit of a trial run too just to see how well it went, and how good my editing skills were! 

In the video shown I will be mixing a 2 part resin, and giving a few pointers. This is how I do it, and as you progress you'll also find your own way of doing things. This video is just to show how the resin is mixed, so you can see that it's not quite as scary as it seems.

Here are a list of items used in this tutorial.

  • Kitchen scales 
  • Wooden sticks/Toothpicks
  • Wet wipes
  • Plastic tub 
  • 2 part resin (info below)
  • Gloves/apron 

I would love to hear your feedback! It's a bit scary doing videos so I'm hoping I get better as I go along! This was hopefully the first of many, and something easy to start off with.

More tutorials are on the way, and next I will be showing how to actually make something with moulds and flowers.

If you would like to purchase resin, then I highly recommend the brand I use myself. You can find them at Resin4Art - Epoxy resin
This link is for UK buyers. 

If in the EU or US go to their home page at

Please feel free to comment below if you need any help and advice on quantities. 

Jane x

Remember... wear gloves, overalls etc. Cover your workspace because resin is messy, you will get it over you! Depending on your chosen resin brand face masks may be needed. Always work in a well ventilated room. Please follow the guidelines given by your resin manufacturer.


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