Its been a while since I last posted (sorry!) And during that time I've been thinking and planning a few things. I love sharing tutorials with you, but I'm struggling to find time to do new ones alongside the business and my job as a carer. So I'm sorry it's taking me so long.

I'm really passionate about developing an online course for others to learn and create. So I thought it would be great for me to spend a good amount of time creating a course and tutorials that can be used by people wanting to learn each and every month. I don't want this to be half hearted either, so it's taking me some time to plan out the content. I'm definitely excited though!! 

So, here's a brief update for you lot to show you where I am with all of this. 

I am currently building up content for a new facebook group called Botanical Bootcamp, and will use that group as a base for the online workshop. The workshop will be based around flower work and how to use flowers in resin. I don't use inks and pigments that much so I thought it best to stick with what I know for now, and then create other workshops down the line, but I'll always be on hand to advise if needed. 

This will be a paid workshop. I want to keep the price fair, and will also release places at a discounted price to sign up early. Access to the workshop will be on a monthly basis. I find it hard to find time myself, and I know others are the same. We end up signing on to something and then not having the time to do it. So having access for the month I hope gives you the chance to learn at your own pace. 

I don't want to delve into the content just yet.. because it's all still up in the air but it will definitely be based on flowers, how to dry your own bouquets, flowers, different methods, and how to work with them in resin, as well as basic resin 101 stuff... and lots more! 

To be totally honest, I find this really really scary and keep talking myself out of it. I keep telling myself I don't know what I'm doing and then leaving the idea alone again for a few months. So here I am, putting this out there, in the new year I will have my workshop up and running, and may need a few testers to trial it at some point. 

There we are! I've said it out loud now! Thank you for reading about my plans. I'd love to hear from you. 

Chat soon

Love Jane x


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