I've been thinking!

I know I've felt a little out of sorts as of late. With my mum being so unwell, Maia starting high-school soon, and also my job as a carer is quite draining. But one constant throughput everything has always been my need for art. 

I've been learning how to draw for a little while now. And it's definitely something I want to continue with and progress with. I have a little page called 'Jane Illustrates' on facebook as well as tiktok. 

But here's the thing, I dont actually want to stop making resin things, or mushrooms things. Ive been so confused on what to do, but now I know

Why not get some resin ordered and just go back to basics. I can make pendants with wildflowers, or beautiful forget me not studs. I can make beads that fit pandora charm bracelets. All of these smaller items would be perfect for me to do. 

So Earrings are a big YES! 

There are also smaller moulds I'd still happily work with, like this chunky hearts that always turn out so great and colourful. So these will definitely still be on offer when made. As well as the hand moulds... which I absolutely LOVE!

I also enjoyed making these feather trays, they weren't ever too much hassle either. Minimal tidy up afterwards, just a bit of sanding and thats it.

Beads HAVE to be a full 100% yes! I loved making beads, although getting hold of the sterling silver caps started to become an issue around the time that I stopped, but that seems so long ago I'm sure things will fall into place easy enough! So a big yay for the beads! The forget me not ones were always a big faveourite.

I know how much my 'Here with me' hearts meant to so many of you over the holiday season, so I'll do my best to bring these back for you too! 

And of course there will be lots more pendants! They were spmetimes so fun to make, and with so many shapes there's usually something for all! 

 So watch this space! 

I would also love to create more easy to follow tutorials so you can create these things too! What do you think? 

Let me know your thought, and also what kind of things would you like to see being made? 

So appreciative of you all!

Jane x


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